Side events

Chillout Lounge - Coach Pub

Wibac Area 

Have a coffee and relax during the day at a nice and cosy place located at the main tournament hall. In the evening you can meet friends there and enjoy a recreational atmospere.

Opening hours

Friday  2pm midnight 

Saterday  2pm midnight 

Sunday 2pm midnight


Thursday 2 may is there a opening event in the Wibac Arena, This is for every team.

 3-Point Contest

This brand new competition takes place on Friday 7pm evening in Wibac Area. It is open to all age groups. Teams may sign up under the name they subscribed under for the regular tournament. In order to participate in the ALMOST 3-Point Contest, your team needs 6 athletes. Girls and boys are competing against each other (they are not separated into two different competitions). Teams may be mixed and 1 coach/ adult is allowed to participate.

The ALMOST 3-Point Contest is about shooting the Basketball from a number of ready positions on the field. Each team member has one shot from each position. Teams get their own rebounds. The score is kept by referees, the teams with the most hits advance to the next round. Instructions/ rules are given before the start of the first run. All shooting positions are located inside the three-point line, hence the name ALMOST 3-Point Contest.

Registration Deposit: EUR 1,- person

Registration Form: INFOPOINT, Wibac Area

Mixed Free Throws

Competition for mixed teams, which is played on Thursday at 9 p.m. Each team contains of 6 boys/ girls who have to be registered tournament participants. They have to form a line and attempt free throws from the corner of the free throw line. Each run is 90 seconds. The Team with the most made free throws (counted separately in each run) reaches the next round. Teams may play athletes of varying ages and sexes. No coaches/ adults allowed.

Registration Deposit: EUR 10,-/ team (will be returned)
Registration Form: INFOPOINT, Wibac Area

Leisure activities

Tournament disco

On Saterday evening we clebrate a big basketball party. The dining hall turns into a big discotheque and our DJ  will make the ground shake.